Plenary Speakers


Gerald Zagury, PhD

Affiliation: Research Institute on Mines and Environment Civil, Geological, and Mining Engineering Dept Polytechnique Montreal, Montreal (Canada)
Title: Lung and dermal bioaccessibility of metals in PM from soils and mine tailings

Elena Ionescu, PhD

Affiliation: Universit√© de Technologie de Troyes, Institut Charles Delaunay – UMR CNRS, Laboratoire de Nanotechnologie et d’Instrumentation Optique (France)
Title: Bioreporters and (nano) biosensors for medical diagnostic and environmental applications

Erika Kothe, PhD

Affiliation: Friedrich Schiller University, Institute of Microbiology, Jena (Germany)
Title: Metal response of fungi and streptomycetes in environmental interactions

Irene M. C. Lo, PhD

Affiliation: HKIE Environmental Division Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (Hong Kong)
Title: Visible-light-driven N-TiO2@SiO2@Fe3O4 magnetic nanophotocatalysts: Synthesis, characterization, and photocatalytic degradation of PPCPs

Luoping Zhang, PhD

Affiliation: Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley (USA)
Title: Toxicogenomics and Mechanisms of Environmental Pollutants